C. Vogt – Purple Hills – ADID017

There’s a certain ancient mystery to the melodies and feeling of Purple Hills. Gentle, secret, ethereal mood’s that float invisibly in the spaces it’s played in. Echoes of a familiar dream reverberate behind closed eyes that always remain slightly out of your grasp. Chriss Vogt’s trip takes you away to that place. A place though that only he knew existed.. until now. Yokoo continues to create his own unique vibe. He expressed his love for the track when All Day I Dream visited Morocco. With it’s groovier approach, it slowly creeps into the consciousness. . A crisp drum groove and just a hint at the original’s dominant melodies create a understated new version slightly left of centre. Chriss teams up with Patrick Jeremic for Pour Éternel”. It’s always summer somewhere and it’s dreamy essence charms the listener here. Classy house music to take us through winter in the Northern hemisphere.


Afiseaza butoane
Ascunde butoane